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Faith in people.

Faith in People, many diverse people smiling
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Good Shepherd Centres

Inspired by the Hospitality of St. John of God and rooted in Catholic teachings, Good Shepherd provides person-centred health, housing and human services in the Greater Hamilton and Toronto (ON) areas to all people in need. Good Shepherd aspires to provide programs and services and an employment environment that promotes equity, inclusion and social justice.

Responding to COVID-19
We’re all adapting to a new normal. Coronavirus is affecting everyone, especially the most vulnerable people in our community. For many people, life has become much more difficult. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Good Shepherd has worked the frontlines and we continue to provide critical services for people whose circumstances put them at extreme risk of contracting COVID-19. We are extremely grateful for the community’s generous support during this stressful time. Your gifts, which have included financial contributions and donations of personal protective equipment (PPE), food and supplies, have been vital in keeping Good Shepherd’s programs running. When we take care of each other we will become a more healthy, resilient and just society. 

Events & News

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