Health Clinics

Director: Peter Kibor

Good Shepherd Health Clinics are part of the Shelter Health Network (SHN), which is a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers operating within the shelters and community agencies in the downtown core of Hamilton.

SHN was established in 2005 to reach out to a high-risk population who do not have stable housing and who have complex health problems, which often have a secondary presentation of a mental health and addiction issues. SHN has thirteen clinic sites, which includes five sites operated by Good Shepherd. 

Partners include; Good Shepherd Centres, Salvation Army, Wesley Urban Ministries, Mission Services, Wayside House, Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton (formerly Men’s Withdrawal Management Centre) and CMHA. Each clinic is supported by the host partner agency, while the SHN Board provides non-administrative leadership. All referrals are centralized and processed through the administrative office located at 128 Emerald Street South, in Hamilton. Good Shepherd provides an oversight for the administrative functions and support.

The clinics are served by a number of physicians who work part-time, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses and a Foot Care technician. The primary criteria for individuals is that they do not currently have a family doctor, are homeless or at risk of being homeless, and may have challenges maintaining a relationship with a physician in the community.

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