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It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve begun a celebration like none we’ve ever experienced. We’ll be marking Christmas modestly and with fewer people, as we do our part to fight the spread of the coronavirus in our communities.

We have never welcomed the coming of a new year with such relief and optimism. Since March, we have experienced a health crisis that we have not faced in our lifetimes.

The pandemic has touched every part of our lives. Although Good Shepherd programs are focused on ensuring that we address the circumstances that make members of our community vulnerable to COVID-19, the need for our assistance continues to grow.

More than any time previously, our collective experiences have proven why Good Shepherd has Faith in People. From our volunteers and donors, to our dedicated co-workers, we continue to live by the motto, “We’re all in this together.” Despite well-placed anxiety, their courage and selflessness while working on behalf of our community’s most vulnerable people is inspiring.

My Christmas wish is that we all remember that the joy and spirit of the season can be carried on beyond December 25. Be the Face of Love for the people who need food, shelter, clothing and care now and throughout the year.

Thank you for keeping our city’s marginalized populations in your hearts and prayers.

Merry Christmas and please have a safe and happy new year!

Brother Richard MacPhee, OH
Chief Executive Officer
Good Shepherd

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