Learning to Life

Everything starts with a dream 

Have you dreamed of contributing to the Hamilton community as a (insert dream of your choice).

Have you dreamed of being a gardener, participating as a fitness instructor or working part-time as a bee keeper or a blogger?

Have you reached for that dream and found out that because of time and funding limitations your dream remains unachievable?

Learning to Life (L2L) may be able to help. Through the support of the Hamilton Community Foundation, Learning to Life can provide funds and support to adults pursuing a dream that involves non-traditional training opportunities. Learning to Life may be able to help you achieve your dream by providing bursaries of up to $1500.


Who we are:

Learning to Life is a program with the goal of empowering people to live their dreams; whether you dream of being an entrepreneur, contributing to our community or perhaps your dream involves paid employment. Our hope is to create opportunities where other funding options may not be available. Part-time or non-traditional training opportunities don’t always meet the requirements of traditional funding sources (i.e. ODSP, OSAP, OW, etc. etc..) If you have explored those or other funding options and are still stuck dreaming about these opportunities, perhaps we can help.


What we offer: 

In collaboration with the Hamilton Community Foundation, LifLearning to Life is pleased to offer up to $1500 in bursaries for qualified recipients. These bursaries will be paid directly to the approved training facilities.


Learning to Life – L2L- can help you chase your dream. We’ll help you prepare to chase it. 

  • To help achieve your goal you’ll need:
  • Give us information on the course you would like to take.
  • Provide information about your income. To qualify for L2L your income falls below the Low Income Cut Off. If you aren’t earning a living wage, working irregular hours or receive social assistance, you may qualify.
  • If you can’t get funded for your dream through other employment supports or training bursaries, L2L may be able to help you.
  • We’re looking for people who will support others achieve their dream. At Learning to Life we hope that you will share your successes with others as they begin their L2L journey.


Looking for more information? We can help. Please contact us.

Bobby Emery • Phone: 905.525.5188 x2431 • Fax: 905.525.4195 • Email: BEmery@gsch.ca

L2L is offered in
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