A message from Cathy Wellwood: 
Here’s another challenge to combat hunger


Once again, we are celebrating the creativity and generosity of our donors, one of whom is looking ahead to the harsh winter months in an effort to ensure that people living in poverty receive nutritious food all year.

We have a strong network of donors and suppliers who provide everything from fresh produce and meat to canned and frozen goods. Although we can always use more, we currently have a good supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially with the help of our donors and Hamilton Victory Gardens. Yet, fresh produce, as always, will be in short supply during the winter. So one of our donors, who contributes $500 monthly, has issued another challenge to us: Find a generous member of the community who is willing to match their monthly gift over the next six months.

“I suspect that there are donors out there, such as myself, who would be happy to donate $100, $300, $500 a month to such a worthy and a successful venture,” our donor told me.

Your donation can help guarantee a measure of stability to the Venture Centre, home to Good Shepherd’s emergency food and clothing program. It’s much easier for us to provide nourishment to people in the community when we can forecast the quantities of goods that we can obtain on a monthly basis. Give me a call and we can talk about how you can help us.

And finally, please allow me a Proud Grandma Moment: Recently, my granddaughter Julia, 8 – she’s on the left of this photo – and my grandson Kingsley, 5, along with their friend Abby, 8, held their third-annual lemonade sale at their home in Toronto.

Once again, they handed over their money to Grandma so we can help the people who come to Good Shepherd. This year these enterprising youngsters raised $35. That means they’ve raised more than $100 for us over the last three summers.

Thanks, kids! Grandma’s proud of you!

God Bless,


Cathy Wellwood
Chief Development Officer