volunteering opportunities

You can help Good Shepherd by volunteering at a range of different programs and services. There is something for every skill set and commitment level. Please see the list of current opportunities below. 


Women’s Services:
needs volunteers to provide child minding, mornings, afternoons and evenings as well as volunteers interested in preparing food. Volunteers are also needed for summer camps and to help with wellness programming.

Jeanne Scott Parent & Child Resource Centre: needs volunteers to child mind children ages two months to four years, as well as help with dishes, laundry, cleaning and organizing. Mondays to Thursdays 9:30am-2pm and Fridays 9:30-11:30am.

Regina’s Place: needs a volunteer who enjoys cooking to teach simple cooking skills on a budget. The volunteer would go through a recipe, teach and cook the food with the tenants and then share the meal together and answer questions. Commitment would be once per month for an evening (approximately 5pm – 7pm) on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday.

Family Centre: needs volunteers to assist with programming and activities during the summer months. Additionally, volunteers can help prepare breakfast, for the breakfast program.

SAM Program: needs people who enjoy volunteering with seniors to provide program and activity help as well as preparing snacks and lunch. (Monday-Friday).

Assisted Living: needs volunteers to visit and talk with seniors one on one or in a small group running activities and games. As well, a volunteer is needed for administrative duties.

Emmanuel House: needs volunteers who are interested in visiting with residents, preparing meals for lunch and dinner and front office/reception. As well, a volunteer to shop for groceries weekly for the summer months is required. (Morning, afternoon and evening, weekday and weekends).

Youth Services: needs volunteers for food serving as well as help with programming and activities.

Men’s Centre: needs volunteers to provide reception coverage on weekends as well as laundry support to the men who reside at the Centre (6-9pm). Volunteers to assist staff with food preparation (seven days a week, 9:30am-noon) and on weekends afternoons (1-4pm). Volunteers are also needed to help with meal prep/serving in the hot meal program (Monday–Friday,1-4:45pm).

Venture Centre: needs volunteers to assist in the donation receiving area as well as sorting donations in the warehouse (Monday-Friday, 9am-noon or 1-4pm). Volunteers are needed in the Marketplace to assist with re-stocking shelves/fridges/ freezers, clothing station, houseware station and check out (Monday-Friday, 8am-12:30pm or 12:30-4pm).

Special Skills: We are looking for volunteers who are interested in sharing their passions. Volunteers who are skilled in the following are encouraged to volunteer: hairdressers, massage/reki, music, nail artist, yoga/pilates, mediation, gardening, flower arranging, cooking, arts and crafts, etc.

Special Event Volunteers (occasional): volunteers are needed throughout the year to help occasionally with events such as the Christmas Hamper program, the Christmas Wonderland Dinner, community events, food drives, and special dinners. (Day, evening and weekend)

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to hear more about our current volunteer positions, please email volunteer@gsch.ca or call 905.528.6565 Ext. 3333


Ready to volunteer now? Download these forms to get started on your application!  

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