Child Minding Volunteers required 9am-noon, 1-3pm, or after 4pm. High school students are welcome.

Emmanuel House Volunteers needed for reception or to prepare lunch or dinner during the week or on weekends.

Mathias Place – Volunteers needed to help serve dinner.

Seniors Activation Maintenance Program (SAM) – Program activity volunteers required to assist staff from 9am-noon.

Kitchen volunteers required daily from 9am-noon.

Venture Centre Market Place – Volunteers required to assist with sorting food donations, bagging groceries, stocking shelves and greeting guests.

Women’s Services – Female volunteers required to assist with food preparation.

Youth Services – Office volunteers needed to answer the phone and help with office duties, also to serve lunch or dinner and visit with youth.

Special Skilled Volunteers: Hairstylists, tai chi and yoga instructors.

To Volunteer:

Email volunteer@gsch.ca or call Krista at 905.528.6565 x3333