The Good Shepherd Centre
135 Mary Street, Hamilton ON L8N 3R1
Phone: 905.572.6824
Fax: 905.741.0527

The Transitional Beds Program is for high-risk patients after hospitalization and offers:

  • 10-bed medical discharge program for adults of all genders
  • Short-term care to support medical stabilization and recovery from acute illness or a medical condition
  • Help facilitating timely hospital discharges
  • Improved patient outcomes, including the potential for decreased re-admission to hospital and the emergency department
  • Service to patients who, upon discharge from hospital, will be homeless, precariously housed, or facing a variety of circumstances that will significantly limit their access to health and community services
  • Service to patients who have complex health issues, compounding mental health diagnoses and/or substance abuse challenges that will require an enhanced level of medical and community support
  • Support for both immediate medical requirements following discharge from hospital and work with in-house and community partners to ensure optimal, holistic health outcomes
  • Access to the program team, which includes dedicated case management and peer workers, who will provide advocacy, referral, supportive counselling and housing assistance to facilitate effective discharge and improved community engagement and function

If you have any questions please call 905.572.6824

Downloadable Referral Forms

Physician to Physician - TBP-Physician-to-Physician-form-1.pdf

Referral Form - Transitional-20Beds-20Program-20Referral-20Form-2.pdf